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Bankruptcy Lawyers in California

Attorney Debt Reset where we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to become debt free. Our Attorneys are well trained in the most effective debt relief methods around.

Legal Helpers is a debt relief agency helping people to file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. We're one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in America.

Bankruptcy Law Firms is the only exclusive Bankruptcy Law directory online. Not only do we offer this unique service as an exclusive listing for law firms across the country, we also provide news articles from around the nation.

BankruptcyHome can help you find information regarding bankruptcy. We also have sponsoring attorneys in your area.

Bankruptcy law is the name given to the branch of civil law that covers federal bankruptcy and state insolvency laws and regulations as they apply to individuals, municipalities, and businesses. During a bankruptcy, a federal court administers the estate (the property and other assets) of a debtor (a person or business who owes money to others) for the benefit of creditors (a person or business that is owed money). In voluntary bankruptcy proceedings, individuals or businesses may file for bankruptcy in an attempt to resolve a hopeless financial situation; although, from time to time, a creditor may force the filing of an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding.

BankruptcyAction has all the exemptions of assets you can keep in a bankruptcy for each state. When you are ready to see one of our bankruptcy lawyers we have a listing of Bankruptcy Lawyers for most states.

At Total Bankruptcy, we can connect you with a local bankruptcy lawyer who can examine in more detail what Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy may mean to you.


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